Eating well, savoring the taste of each dish and rediscovering the comfortable taste of tradition, authenticity, freshness, reminds us of our territory and region, rich in natural products with a unique and enchanted taste. 
Eating is being satisfied, eating well is experiencing the pleasure of being at the table and enjoying each dish with a unique sensation. From the simplest recipes to the most particular, the important thing is the experience coming from the meal.
For this reason, unlike daily meals, lunch in a restaurant becomes a moment of pleasure and comparison where you let yourself be guided by the senses.
A simple and refined menu must be reflected in the environment in which these moments are shared, from a refined restaurant, to a cozy trattoria, a combination of modernity and tradition.


Since 1960 when Isolina and Nando started, there’s been many changes and renewals, the most important took place in 1992 when restaurant was divided in four comfortable rooms creating more intimate spaces, which were called: Travi, Yellow, Pink and Green Rooms.

In the peculiar and unique Taverna Room on the ground floor of the restaurant, which was built in the following years, guests find a wide selection of whiskey, gin, brandy and grappa of our region.



A good experience must be accompanied by a good glass of wine. Any dish must be harmonized by a good wine to be more delightful. Food and wine never clash but go with as a harmony of senses: taste and smell mix together creating a new and unique ‘sense’.

Quality wine is immediate to recognize either it comes from our lands or from other countries and a cellar with the most important Italian and foreign wines is synonym of knowledge, experience and passion.
Furthermore, if everything is served with care and elegance, all you have to do is sit and give up to the pleasures of taste.

Da Nando received different important awards during the last years for their cellar considered one of the most important in Italy, e.g. the prize Tre Bottiglie by the International guide Gambero Rosso in 2020,2021, 2022 and 2023.


Our banquet rooms with the view on the elegant garden of the Hotel are perfect for hosting ceremonies, celebrations and business meetings for up to 200 diners.